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Operations of scheduled transport services and resorts are halted from November to February as this is when Pulau Redang hit by the rainy monsoon season. If you intend to visit Redang during this period, you must be prepared to swim, kayak or pay ridiculously high amounts of money to get a person who is willing to go through the turbulent waters to bring you to the island, nevertheless, Berjaya Air is still operating direct flight into the island during this season. A small number of resorts may open as the end of February approaches but the majority of them open in March. You may choose to go to Redang in either March or October if you want to avoid the crowd. This is because these two months are close to the time when the waters are rougher than usual as the monsoon season is about to start or end. The peak periods are during May to August, especially during the school holidays in June. Resorts start to close in the middle of October.

Visiting Redang at different times of the year gives divers and snorkellers seasonal encounters with some species. The largest numbers of green turtles nest during the period of time between May to August. June is likely the most ideal time to see arms and legs as this month is when the waters in Redang are populated by the largest numbers of homosapiens, particularly at the Marine Park.

The easiest way to travel to Redang is to let your travel agent or resort to make the necessary arrangements – then you can just tag along! They will then need to read through sites like while you can relax and have a drink somewhere. However, if you happen to be the ‘planner’, you can save your time and all the hassle by purchasing an all-inclusive travel package with any one of Redang’s resorts or a travel company which provides transfers on land and boat, food and lodgings along with diving or snorkelling excursions. Although a 3d2n Redang travel packages are popular for trips over the weekend, we would recommend a package of at least 4d3n if you want to truly enjoy Redang, particularly if you are a faraway visitor. Do remember to book early and ahead especially if you intend to visit Redang during holiday seasons and long weekends.

Walk-in guests who intend to only get an accommodation after arriving on Redang should note that the beaches (the resorts are found on these beaches) are neither connected by water taxis nor roads. Hence, it could be quite inconvenient and tend to be quite costly for you to get your own transportation to get around or to get from beach to beach.

The months of March and October, which are almost close to the rainy monsoon seasons, are the most ideal periods of time to go to Redang if you like to play in bigger surf.

Decide when to get to Redang based on this holiday chart. Extra surcharges are laid down by many resorts during peak seasons (e.g. during weekends, public holidays and school holidays). Lower rates are imposed during non-peak seasons. You can either reserve your desired travel package via a tour agent or book directly with the resort (certain resorts offer the option of online booking on their website). Travel packages by certain tour agents also encompass transfers to Kuala Terengganu or Merang jetty via air or land.

Redang is usually brimming with visitors during these holidays, especially during long weekends as well as the school holidays in June. Book early if you plan to go to Redang during these times.

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