• Promotion Early Birds will available from 1st March until 31st March or 15th April every year. Depends on resort offering Early bird Promotion. Most booking for early birds promotion will available from Mid of November.
  • Weekday – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Weekend – Friday and Saturday
  • For those take flight from Kuala Lumpur, must choose to landed at Kuala Terengganu Airport .Which are nearest Airport to Syahbandar Jetty .Only take 20 to 30 minute only by Airport Taxi.
  • If you are drive to go jetty, parking space also available at Jetty. As minimum parking charge RM10 – RM15 per night per car.The parking space are limited.
  • If you sick or unhealthy ,please inform to your resort . Only Laguna Redang Island Resort have doctor here.
  • Avoid to bring any expensive item such as jewellery or other during your vacation.
  • Underwater Camera available for rental ,please refer to receptionist and Dive Center.
  • Advise to buy dry beg as you can put all valueble belongs inside the beg. All item much more safe and can bring together.
  • If you don’t know how to snorkeling,then you can ask instructor to teach and help you.
  • Effective from 1st January 2017, Marine Park fees need to pay upon arrive at jetty.
  • For Mobile and Internet connectivity, the coverage is good .You can choose telecommunication provider such as Celcom , Digi and Maxis .
  • Throw rubbish into rubbish bins, not on the beach or into the sea. Help to clear any litter you come across.
  • If you want to walk during night, advise to bring your own flashlight.
  • For night activity ,you can see Blue Sand in front of the Redang Reef Resort.
  • Some resort will have night activity such as Live Band and Disco.
  • ‘Leave only footprints’ applies when you go sightseeing or trekking. Don’t leave empty bottles, cans, plastic wrappers and other trash behind on land or on the sea. Take everything back with you and dispose properly back at your resort.
  • Visiting season is from March to October each year. Resorts are closed November till end-February during monsoon season.
  • Snorkelers should not go near corals in shallow water to prevent accidental contact. Adjust your mask or snorkel while floating and swim away from corals before doing so.
  • Do not collect any marine life, whether dead or alive, such as seashells, corals, crustaceans and fishes, as souvenirs or collectibles.
  • Don’t catch fish or other marine life even if you intend to release them later. You may stress, injure or kill them in the process.
  • Check sea and weather conditions before going. Any rough sea warnings for Terengganu will apply to Redang.

Other useful information

Sundry shops

There are sundry shops in most resorts selling daily essentials, snacks, drinks, tidbits, souvenirs and even beachwear so you don’t need to bring everything with you, although these may not carry a wide variety. There are also many food and beverage outlets especially at Pasir Panjang. Beer and alcoholic drinks are available for purchase by non-Muslims at some of these outlets.

Banks and ATM machines

There are no banks and no cash withdrawal machines (ATM) on Redang and at Merang. If you need to use banking facilities, use those in KT before going to Redang. The majority of resorts at Redang now accept credit cards so you need cash only for things like souvenirs, food, snacks and drinks from the various cafes.

Medical facilities

There are in-house medical doctors with basic clinics at Laguna and Berjaya that are available to visitors from other resorts too so there is no need to bring a lot of first-aid supplies except for your own personal medication. Emergency medical cases are usually rushed back to the mainland for treatment.

Travelling with babies or young children

Bring diapers, infant food/formula and other essentials that your child needs. Resort shops do not carry such items. Some resorts, especially the bigger ones like Berjaya and Laguna, can provide baby cots and bath tubs upon request, and can also assist in purchasing these items from the mainland provided you specify in advance the brand and quantity required. The choices available may be limited, so if your infant or child has very specific needs, it’s better to purchase your own and bring to the island.

Wheelchair access

Redang poses a big challenge for wheelchair-bound users especially when one has to get on and off boats. The only way to avoid boats completely is to fly to Redang on Berjaya Air and stay at Berjaya Resort. Although a road has recently been built connecting the resorts at Pasir Panjang to Teluk Bakau where Laguna’s jetty is located, the access roads leading to some resorts may not be fully paved and resort grounds are often uneven or have steps making them difficult for wheelchair users to traverse. Most resorts also lack ramps and facilities for the handicapped. While wheelchairs can be accommodated in some of the bigger resorts, it is assumed that these guests can walk assisted or unassisted for short distances and are not fully wheelchair-bound.
Things to Bring


Some resorts use jetties, others may pick up or drop passengers off at the beach. Snorkelers may also have to wade out to snorkeling boats and wade back to shore upon their return. Sandals or water shoes can make the walk on the beach less painful especially during low tide when broken coral are exposed. Be sensitive to local culture and religion and avoid really skimpy beachwear. Bikinis are allowed but nude or topless sunbathing is out of the question.

Sunblock, UV protective clothing or skinsuits/wetsuits

We know you want to flaunt those tanned, toned muscles and curves but it’s better to wear clothing to protect against marine stingers and sunburn if you’re going to be in the water a lot (screaming in pain doesn’t go down well with that macho look). Clothes are environmentally friendly too. Recent years have seen growing populations of jellyfish around the world so it’s best to take precautions. If you must use sunblock, use eco- or coral-friendly sunscreen. Nidaria has a sunblock that also claims to protect against certain jellyfish stings (though not tested with Irukandji and Chironex box jellyfish).

Insect repellant

Useful if you’re a mozzie magnet or planning to trek through the forest. Some repellants may contain chemicals harmful to corals and should be used only when you’ve completed your water activities for the day or else rinse off before going into the sea.

Snorkelling/diving equipment

These can be rented from the resort but you may prefer to bring your own for hygiene reasons or if you require powered lenses. Powered masks are available for rental but availability is usually limited. If you have very young children, bring flotation devices as child-size life-jackets for rental are more suitable for older children. If you are diving, bring your certification card.

Personal toiletries and medication

Many resorts provide toilet paper, soap and little else. While basic toiletries can be purchased, it’s best to bring your own especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Sundry shops may sell only basic over-the-counter medication so best to bring your own. Don’t forget anti-seasick tablets if you can’t stand boat rides.

Ziplocs, dry bags and other watertight containers

These are useful for protecting personal belongings like passports, money, electronic equipment etc. in case you’re planning on bringing these with you on the boat during snorkeling trips.


for night walks along the beach.

Warm clothing

if travelling on an overnight coach (aircond can be cold).