Where to stay in Pulau Redang

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A total of 14 resorts, which range from budget resorts to five-star luxury resorts, are operated on Redang. Hence, Redang’s resorts should be able to suit the budget and preference of any type of traveller. However, travellers looking for backpacker-style A-frame shacks and campsites should probably head to another island as Redang does not have any of these.

The majority of the resorts are situated at Pasir Panjang’s beach and along Teluk Kalong’s beaches (located at Redang’s eastern side). The only exceptions are Taaras Beach & Spa Resort and Redang Island Resort. The former resort, also known by its old name Berjaya Redang Resort, sits to the north at Teluk Dalam’s beach. Also formerly called Berjaya Spa Resort, Redang Island Resort is located to the south at Teluk Siang.

There is a beachfront on any one of the resorts on Redang. The only exception is Redang Island Resort.

Holiday packages encompassing meals, lodgings, snorkelling trips and return boat transfers between Redang and the mainland are offered by many of the resorts on Redang. These packages are very popular among visitors as they offer the best value for money. Room-only rates which allow guests to choose from a wider variety of meals are also offered by certain resorts. Do pay a visit to the resorts on the side bar to get the latest updates on room rates, prices of packages and facilities as resorts upgrade their services every now and then.

Where to Stay in Pulau Redang

Choose to stay at the beaches of Teluk Dalam or Teluk Kalong if you are looking for exclusive beaches which can provide you with tranquility and privacy. You can choose any one resort from Mutiara Beach Resort, Redang Kalong Resort and Taaras Beach & Spa (Berjaya) Resort. Teluk Kalong’s resorts can offer tranquility and good privacy to its guests as there are no raucous discos or karaokes at those beaches. Teluk Kalong’s three beaches are segregated by rocky outcrops. Redang Kalong occupies the northernmost beach while Wisana, formerly called Amannagappa, is the lone resort on the beach at the middle part. Redang Mutiara sits on the southernmost beach, and is the only resort there since April 2006 after the closing down of the campsites there.

Stay at any resort on Pasir Panjang’s beach to get access to many different choices of beach discos, dining outlets and other activities. Laguna Redang (particularly the rooms with a view of the garden), Redang Holiday Beach Villa, Redang Reef Resort and Sari Pacifica Resort are among the quieter resorts at both ends of the beach. Those who are interested in beach discos and intend to mix with a younger crowd can stay at Redang Bay Resort, Redang Beach Resort and Redang Pelangi Resort.

Choose from Coral Redang Island Resort, Redang Beach Resort, Laguna Redang Resort, Taaras Beach & Spa and Sari Pacifica Resort if you are looking for a higher end of resort to stay at. Taaras provides guests with comfort and privacy since it is the lone resort sitting on that stretch of beach. Guests should be able to find their own private spot on the beach as they will still be able to access two long beach stretches at Teluk Dalam Besar and Teluk Dalam Kecil even though Taaras is large and might receive many guests during on-peak seasons. If you are not a fan of beaches and would prefer to instead seek solace on a hillside, you can choose to stay at Redang Island Resort, which is situated at Teluk Siang close to the airstrip.

Head to Laguna Redang to enjoy the best buffet meal packages. Go to Taaras Beach & Spa if you are looking for great restaurants offering ala-carte food.

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